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The AASHTO TPM Portal helps to showcase best practices, foster collaboration, and serve as a repository for TPM resources. See the FHWA TPM website for federal requirements.

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Upcoming TPM Webinar – System Performance Management – Focus on Accessibility

This webinar covers transportation agency management of system performance management, with a focus on accessibility… Read more

New TPM Training Hub

The Training Hub features a collection of TPM training and information resources… Read more

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COVID-19 TPM Impacts: Insights from Washington State DOT

Daniela Bremmer, the Cooperative Transportation Development Manager from Washington State DOT and the Chair of the AASHTO’s Committee on System Mobility and Emerging Technologies, shares her thoughts and insights on COVID-19’s impact on WSDOT operations, as well as short-term actions the agency has taken, and longer term impacts they anticipate related to COVID-19.

Spotlight Resource

AASHTO has just added a new category to its store: Transportation Performance Management (TPM).

The first course released in this category is Performance-Based Prioritization Using MODA. This course was created to introduce highway transportation planners and engineers to the basics of MODA, including what it is, its benefits and challenges, the steps to implementation, and how it has been used by agencies to prioritize investments.

Since MODA provides a structured approach for choosing between alternatives considering multiple objectives, it supports the TPM framework and agencies as they work to align resource allocation decisions with agency goals and objectives.

Click here to see the flyer for this course. Click here to visit the TPM Training Hub, where you can learn more and register for the course.

For additional background on MODA:

NCHRP Report 806: “Guide to Cross-Asset Resource Allocation and the Impact on Transportation System Performance”
NCHRP Report 921: “Case Studies in Implementing Cross-Asset Multi-Objective Resource Allocation”

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The TPM Pooled Fund

The Transportation Performance Management (TPM) pooled fund project helps contributing members to research and assess training and educational needs, develop and deliver training, and facilitate the sharing and retention of performance management best practices. The TPM Portal website is part of this effort, intended to showcase PM best practices, foster collaboration, and serve as a repository for PM resources.


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