Subcommittee on Organizational Management

The Organizational Management Subcommittee resides under and is governed by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Committee on Performance-Based Management (CPBM).  The focus of this subcommittee is on the development and implementation of organizational performance management processes, measures, improvement frameworks and strategies, in order to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of an agency.

Download more information on all subcommittee meetings here. Additionally, for those that missed the June 4th Joint AASHTO CPBM/TPM Pooled Fund Quarterly Meeting, click here to download the agenda and slides.


Co-chair: Deanna Belden, Director of Performance, Risk & Investment Analysis, Office of Transportation System Management, MnDOT
Co-chair: Charlie Purcell, Project Delivery Division Director, Iowa DOT
Secretary: Stacey Huston, Secretary 2, Iowa DOT
AASHTO Liaison: Matt Hardy, Program Director for Planning and Performance Management
FHWA Liaison: Nelson Hoffman, Transportation Performance Management Program Manager


Help agencies achieve organizational excellence and advance the practice of performance excellence by identifying, analyzing and sharing information to improve organizational performance at the strategic, tactical and operational levels of the organization.


  • Assist agencies to achieve strategic goals and improve performance in the most effective and efficient way.
  • Examine and share effective organizational models, leadership structures and competencies used to monitor, respond to and implement organizational improvement.
  • Provide agencies with best practices in the application of process/quality improvement tools and methodologies

Leadership and Membership

  • The subcommittee will be lead by a chair or co-chairs, as selected by CPBM committee chair.
  • Membership of the subcommittee shall be governed by the CPBM charter.

Work Plan

  • The subcommittee chair or co-chairs, with input from the subcommittee members, will develop and update an annual work plan to guide the subcommittee’s activities.
  • The work plan shall be approved by the CPBM committee chair.
  • The subcommittee chair or co-chairs shall be responsible for monitoring and regularly reporting on the status of the work plan.

Active participation is critical for our subcommittee to be successful in its mission, and that means we need you to be involved!  There are many different ways you can be involved, including:

  • Participate in our monthly subcommittee web conferences. Join in the conversation.  Offer your insight and perspectives.  Learn from others.
  • Attend our annual or mid-year subcommittee meetings, usually held in conjunction with an AAHSTO or TRB conference.
  • Assist with or lead one of the subcommittee activities, as outlined in our Work Plan.

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