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  1. PennDOT TSMO Performance Report 2020
    The 4th Edition of the TSMO Performance Report provides several analyses and data comparisons of recent Pennsylvania transportation system performance data.
  2. MnDOT — Understanding Performance Management Factsheet
    This factsheet, available from the MinnesotaGO performance dashboard, describes how MnDOT uses state and federal performance measures
  3. 2019 Transportation Performance Management Peer Exchange – Summary Report
    This report summarized the proceedings of the 2019 TPM Peer Exchange held in St. Paul, Minnesota on November 14-15, 2019.
  4. Performance Management Reporting Peer Exchange Final Report – NCHRP Project 20-24 Task 124
    The goal of the Peer Exchange was to help DOTs develop a toolkit and strategies for communicating the difference between state and Federal pavement performance in a consistent narrative
  5. Navigating the Labyrinth: An Executive Guide to Data Management
    Navigating the Labyrinth focuses your attention on what you need to know to help your organization build trust in and get value out of its data.
  6. Minnesota DOT ERM Scenario Analysis
    This presentation provides an overview of Minnesota DOT's risk-based scenario analysis approach.
  7. Illinois All-Hazards Transportation System Presentation
    This presentation on Illinois All-Hazards Transportation System was delivered to the Technical Subcommittee by Christopher Schmidt on Risk Management on November 13, 2018.
  8. Uses of Geospatial Applications for Transportation Performance Management
    This report examines how a number of state DOTs have used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications as part of their TPM programs and efforts.
  9. Next Generation Performance Monitoring Data Needs for Nevada DOT
    This report examines Nevada DOT (NDOT)’s state-of-practice for performance measurement, and focuses on federal requirements for traveler information mandated by SAFETEA-LU Section 1201 Real-Time System Management Information Program
  10. Setting priorities: Georgia DOT assesses its state highway system and yields priority criteria
    This article examines how Georgia's DOT developed a working priority scheme for the maintenance of its highway and road infrastructure.
  11. A Multi-Perspective Study On Safety Performance at the Colorado DOT
    This report, the second of a two-part research effort, sought to determine how to improve the effectiveness of safety programs and safety culture at CDOT.
  12. Missouri CAMPO MPO Safety and Transit Targets – TIP Update
    This example MPO TIP update from the Missouri Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) includes coordinated safety and transit targets.
  13. Ohio DOT: Making the Pavement Management System Work to Support Asset Management – 2018 San Diego TRB TAM Conference
    About Ohio DOT's mission to make the Pavement Management System better align with Asset Management needs and regulations.
  14. NYSDOT’s System of Engagement – 2018 San Diego TRB TAM Conference
    Overview of New York DOT's development of a single, shared, authoritative destination for data and information.
  15. Rural County Pavement Preservation Planning in Minnesota – 2018 San Diego TRB TAM Conference
    Details pavement Asset Management Planning in rural Minnesota.
  16. Implementation of a MODA Approach for Prioritization of Asset Investments for Caltrans – 2018 San Diego TRB TAM Conference
    About the Multiple-Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) Approach for Prioritization of Asset Investments at Caltrans.
  17. Asset Management Coordination in North Central Texas – 2018 San Diego TRB TAM Conference
    An account of Asset Management coordination for the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG).
  18. Hawaii DOT: “Good Roads Cost Less” – 2018 San Diego TRB TAM Conference
    About pavement/road Asset Management in Hawaii, methods and tools used.
  19. Minnesota DOT: Roadside Infrastructure Life Cycle Planning – 2018 San Diego TRB TAM Conference
    Addresses Minnesota DOT's Roadside Infrastructure Assets TAMP development.
  20. King County Metro: Maximizing Asset ROI for Self & Clients – 2018 San Diego TRB TAM Conference
    Details how King County Metro developed a Transit Management Program.

See the FHWA TPM website for federal requirements.