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  1. Transportation Performance Measures for Outcome Based System Management and Monitoring
  2. Developing Hybrid Measures of Performance for Signalized Intersections
  3. Measuring Arterial System Performance
  4. Data Driven Performance Measures for Effective Management of Complex Transportation Networks
  5. Lean Six Sigma
    This tool provides information and guidance on the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control methodology.
  6. Lean Rapid Improvement Events – Go or No Go Criteria
    This tool is a checklist for the major elements needed to implement a successful Lean Rapid Improvement Event.
  7. Lean Primer
    This document provides background information and guidance on Lean Thinking.
  8. LeanOhio Tool Kit for Improvement
    This LeanOhio toolkit includes detailed descriptions of common tools that yield significant improvements in an agency's workplace.
  9. IDEO Shopping Cart Project
    This video serves as a Lean Tool and shows the IDEO Shopping Cart Project's DeepDive methodology in practice.
  10. Draw a Pig: Standard Work Exercise
    This exercise was originally created by the Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement as a standard work tool for Lean methodology.
  11. 6S (5S) Evaluation and Implementation Tool
    This tool provides guidance for the 6S method that is crucial to the Lean approach.
  12. 2013: Summary of Extreme Government Makeover: Increasing our Capacity to Do More Good
    This summary addresses the reference "Extreme Government Makeover: Increasing our Capacity to Do More Good", which discusses the lack of capacity with government agencies and how to improve this dilemma.
  13. 2015-present: Process of Improvement Project at CDOT
    This tool provides status updates for Colorado DOT's larger improvement projects as of March 2015.
  14. 2013: Summary of Results from CDOT Improvements
    This webpage provides two summaries of results from Colorado DOT's improvement efforts in 2013.
  15. 2011: Lean Projects of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
    This webpage provides information about Colorado DOT's full incorporation of Lean principles into its Department of Regulatory Agencies.
  16. 2012 – present: Everyday Ideas Success Stories at CDOT
    This tool provides all of the Colorado DOT's Lean Everyday Ideas from 2012 to present.
  17. Summary of “We Don’t Make Widgets”
    This webpage summarizes the reference "We Don't Make Widgets" that discusses the three major myths that inhibit government agencies from continuous improvement.
  18. Lean Project Charter with Guidelines
    This tool provides a template and guidelines for a Lean Project Charter.
  19. LEAN Ohio Training: “Leaning Up State Government: It Can Be Done”
    This tool includes a recorded webcast and slides originally presented by LeanOhio on the state's continuous improvement efforts.
  20. Lean Techniques: VSM Event Scope and Team Selection
    This video provides informational support on determining the appropriate scope of a value stream mapping events and the key considerations for selecting a team for the VSM event.

See the FHWA TPM website for federal requirements.