California Transportation Plan 2050


The California Transportation Plan 2050 focuses on developing a transportation system which supports communities, advances racial and economic justice, and improves public and environmental health across California. After an analysis of the current trends and conditions, the plan details fourteen recommendations for achieving their 2050 goals and outlines the next steps in implementation. In addition to the main plan document, five other elements contribute to the development and results: Strategies Element, Technical Analysis Element, Plan Development Element, Financial Element, and Implementation Element.

California's 2050 transportation plan completes its period of public review on October 22, 2020 and shortly thereafter will be presented as a final document.

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State: California
Plan Date: 2050
Publication Date: August 2020

Performance Measures:
  • Fatality and Serious Injury
  • Pavement and Bridge Condition
  • Reliability
  • Delay and Congestion
  • non-SOV
  • Distance and Time (veh-miles, veh-hrs, travel time)
  • Emissions
  • Transit Asset Management
  • Transit Ridership Performance
  • Bicycles and Pedestrians
  • Freight and Intermodal
  • Economic Development
  • Aviation