Development of a Performance Measurement-Based Methodology to Objectively Compare Operational Improvements with Capacity Additions


This project will produce a performance-based methodology and user-friendly spreadsheet-based tool for straightforward and equitable comparison of benefits (and costs) across any set of operational improvements and capacity expansion projects that district offices may be considering. Recognizing that congestion, safety, economic opportunity, asset valuation and emissions levels are key measures of project success, the tool will emphasize multi-criteria evaluation for project scores and ranks. Performance scores, based on time savings, travel time, reliability, safety improvement, emissions reductions, land appreciation, pavement quality, and other features of the enhanced network-vis-a-vis project costs, over the project's lifetime-will highlight opportunities for optimal investment decisions, as well as project limitations that may require remedy.

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Publisher: Texas DOT
Report number: 0-6487
Year published: 2012

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