Framework for Connecting Across Federal Transportation Performance Reporting Requirements

Status: Concept    
Potential Funding Sources: NCHRP Full Program / Transportation Pooled Fund Project    
Timeframe: Long-Term
Research Period: months
Funding Estimate: $,000
Potential Sponsors:

This research will review and document federal reporting requirements in order to assess opportunities to better integrate across reporting requirements.


State DOTs utilize a variety of methods, systems, and tools to report on the performance of the federal aid system. Different systems exist such as ARNOLD, FIMS, HPMS, NBI, FARS, etc. Each of these systems its own set of requirements for data reporting. In addition to these requirements, MAP-21 requires states to report performance for six area – bridges, pavements, safety, traffic congestion, on-road mobile source emission, and freight movement.

Research Objectives

This research will:
• Review and document all federal reporting requirements that state DOTs do on the condition, performance, and fiscal sustainability of their federal programs
• Assess the effectiveness and opportunities to better integrate across federal reporting requirements to better inform and improve performance management efforts
• Document/ recommend a framework for their leveraging federal reporting requirements for state performance management

Proposed Research

Proposed research pending.

Potential Benefits

State DOTs could utilize results to better leverage/improve federal reporting requirements, especially as they relate to supporting DOT TPM activities.

Implementation and Follow-on Activities

The framework could be moved forward for consideration by USDOT. State DOTs may find the results useful so they can improve/leverage federal reporting requirements.

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