Guidance, Methodologies and Tools for Supporting Implementation of MAP-21 Performance Reporting Requirements

Status: Candidate    
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Timeframe: Short-Term
Research Period: 18 months
Funding Estimate: $350,000
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This research will develop guidance for transportation agencies regarding tools and methodologies for supporting implementation of MAP-21 performance management requirements. It will also, where feasible, develop new tools to address gaps.


The transportation legislation Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) contains a number of important new requirements for state transportation departments to track and report performance, as well as to use performance targets to help guide investment decisions and support transportation planning. Although all states track and report performance in a number of areas already, many are nonetheless challenged to meet the specific requirements of MAP-21, often resulting from lack of guidance, calculation tools and/or calculation methodologies for supporting MAP-21 requirements. In particular, it can be difficult to project future performance given a set of assumptions concerning available funding, as required in several areas by MAP-21.

Research Objectives

• Develop guidance for transportation agencies to use addressing the tools and methodologies for supporting implementation of MAP-21 performance management requirements
• Develop new guidance, tools, and/or methodologies where feasible to address gaps, such as for performing analysis of national-level data to be reported based on MAP-21 requirements

Proposed Research

The proposed research will include the following activities:
• Review available guidance, tools and methodologies for supporting MAP-21 performance management requirements
• Prepare a compendium of information on existing resources for use in predicting and reporting performance at a state or national level.
• Identify key gaps that need to be address to support fulfillment of MAP-21 requirements and/or allow state and federal agencies to leverage performance data reported as a result of MAP-21
• Where feasible, develop improved guidance, tools and/or methodologies for addressing the gaps
• Conduct a project workshop to preview the results of the project and collect additional information on agency needs and perspectives
• Prepare a final report detailing the research performed as part of the project

Potential Benefits

The research will assist transportation agencies in meeting the requirements of MAP-21, helping save time and money through development of improved guidance, tools and methodologies. It will also help agencies at the state and federal level make better use of available performance data, yielding improvements to performance analysis and decision making.

Implementation and Follow-on Activities

Implementation activities pending.

Related Research

The research will build upon previous NCHRP research efforts, such as:
• NCHRP Report 551, Performance Measures and Targets for Transportation Asset Management
• NCHRP Report 660, Transportation Performance Management: Insight from Practitioners
• NCHRP Project 20-24(37) (ongoing), Measuring Performance among State DOTs: Sharing Good Practices