Louisiana Statewide Transportation Plan


A culmination of discussions with communities and other stakeholders, Louisiana's long range plan analyzes the state of the Louisiana transportation system including its condition, performance, and funding needs. The result of these analyses is a set of policy and strategy recommendations to guide the state through to 2044. The plan is multimodal, giving consideration to ports, waterways, aviation, freight, and transit as well as highways and automobile traffic.

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State: Louisiana
Plan Date: 2044
Publication Date: December 2015

Performance Measures:
  • Fatality and Serious Injury
  • Pavement and Bridge Condition
  • Delay and Congestion
  • Road Event Response Time/Plan/LOS
  • Emissions
  • Transit Asset Management
  • Transit Ridership Performance
  • Freight and Intermodal
  • Aviation
  • Port and Waterways