MAP-21 Implementation Survey of Practice and Guidance for State DOTs

Status: Candidate    
Potential Funding Sources: NCHRP 20-24 / Transportation Pooled Fund Project    
Timeframe: Mid-Term
Research Period: 12 months
Funding Estimate: $175,000
Potential Sponsors:

This research will determine the current status of the implementation of MAP-21 PM requirements and provide examples of best practices.


After the signing of MAP-21, agencies have begun developing programs meet the Performance Management requirements of the legislation. This research will document good and bad practices in implementing the MAP-21 PM requirements, aiming to:
• Develop a body of information on how these programs have been implemented differently and what their different strengths and weaknesses may be
• Understand positive and negative experiences in implementation
• Examine regional context in terms of different FHWA Division Offices implementing the federal requirements differently
• Develop step by step guidance on how an agency can build a productive program to implement the requirements

Research Objectives

This research will:
1. Determine the current status of the implementation of MAP-21 PM requirements. What have agencies experienced so far?
2. Provide guidance on best practices and allow those undertaking a Performance Management program to avoid pitfalls and learn from the experiences of others

Proposed Research

1. Identify related efforts and develop a survey with content that builds on existing work
2. Identify who and what will be involved (level of organizations, which MAP-21 performance areas)
3. Implement survey and gather feedback to understand user rationale and good/bad experiences
4. Draft guidance based on survey results and identify strategies to enhance the development of performance management programs given regional context and other factors

Potential Benefits

This survey and report will share best practices and potential pitfalls in order to allow agencies to build better Performance Management programs; and by gathering a resource documenting the experience of many different agencies, the research will build an understanding of what is needed in the industry to make better progress in MAP-21 implementation.

Implementation and Follow-on Activities

Based on feedback during survey process, identify further research needs.

Related Research

This survey should be built on FHWA Office of Transportation Performance Management work. It should be coordinated with the Transportation Performance Management Capability Maturity Model Guidebook survey currently in development.

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