Measuring Performance among State DOTs: Sharing Good Practices – Establishment of Comparative Performance Measures Program Infrastructure to Support National System Performance Data Collection and Analysis


Projects in the 20-24(37) series have been well received by the DOT community but have highlighted a need for a support infrastructure and well defined process for data collection and management and for analysis, reporting, and sharing performance information and best practices. Such an infrastructure and process would accommodate data collected in research already completed or ongoing in the NCHRP 20-24(37) series and provide a framework for future comparative performance research and benchmarking. The infrastructure and data-management process would then ensure a consistent, reliable source of data for comparative performance measurement, analysis and research. The database and infrastructure ultimately may incorporate performance measures addressing transportation system safety, preservation, congestion, system operations management, freight and economic development, and environment, as well as project delivery and other agency business practices. The objective of this project was to develop a conceptual framework and functional description of a comparative performance database and analysis infrastructure to support benchmarking and management strategy formulation by DOTs and others. The envisioned database and infrastructure, realized according to the concepts developed in this research, will be managed and maintained by AASHTO or another suitable organization.

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Publisher: TRB
Report number: 20-24(37)F
Year published: 2011

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