State of Practice in Use of Continuous Improvement to Support Performance Management Practices

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Timeframe: Long-Term
Research Period: months
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This research effort will provide a state of current practice in Continuous Improvement and provide a foundation for future research.


Continuous Improvement is a management philosophy first employed in Japan that dates back decades. Its use in the private sector is well-established. In recent years, individual state departments of transportation (DOT) have begun process measurement and improvement efforts using a performance management framework. This research effort will provide a state of current practice and provide a foundation for future research.

Research Objectives

This research will:
• Determine current practice in the use of Lean, Lean Six Sigma and other continuous improvement methodologies to support ongoing, active performance management within agencies.
• Provide Best Practices to assist agencies in implementing continuous improvement programs aimed at affecting performance.

Proposed Research

• Literature review to establish background in use of continuous improvement in transportation agencies
• Survey to assess the current state of practice
• Report with survey results and identify Best Practices.

Potential Benefits

The survey and report will share best practices and potential lessons learned to assist agencies in establishing continues improvement programs to support their performance management programs.

Implementation and Follow-on Activities

• Based in results, identify future research
• Develop communication plan
• Update results in future study of practice
• Link to future SCOPM task force?

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