TRB Webinar: Enter the Portal—The Transportation Performance Management (TPM) Portal


This webinar explores the Transportation Performance Management Portal: a product of the Transportation Pooled Fund Program. The Portal illustrates performance management best practices and fosters collaboration between state departments of transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.

The webinar was organized by the TRB Standing Committee on Strategic Management. It also features insights from NCHRP Research Report 660: Transportation Performance Management: Insight from Practitioners and NCHRP Research Report 920: Management and Use of Data for Transportation Performance Management: Guide for Practitioners.

Webinar Agenda and Presenters:

  1. Key resources available on the Portal: Christos Xenophontos, Rhode Island Department of Transportation
  2. Challenges faced by practitioners in measuring performance of transportation assets and services: Matt Hardy, AASHTO
  3. Tools for improving communication and for benchmarking performance among agencies: Matt Hardy, AASHTO
  4. Question and answer session: Moderated by Steve Guenther, California Department of Transportation

Click here to see slides from the webinar.

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Publisher: TRB
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Year published: 2020

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