Building a Better Dashboard & Data Viz Best Practices: Data Visualization, Part 1

December 7, 2022 from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm

Visualization best practices – Building a better dashboard
Effective dashboards provide timely, data-driven feedback on performance and critical inputs for decision making. Reflecting the industry’s evolution of practice, DOT’s existing dashboards vary in quality and effectiveness. This workshop will support the evolution of these dashboards into more useful and effective tools. Workshop participants will be equipped to become more savvy dashboard producers, consumers, and owners. Cross-domain experts from DOTs and the Private section will support this workshop through: Interactive training on data visualization best practices and dashboard best practices, enhancing literacy in both producing and consuming visual displays of quantitative information; and, A series of “peer review” mini-exercises to evaluate and improve specific existing dashboards. During the workshop, here’s what you can expect: • You’ll participate in two short, targeted data visualization and dashboard training sessions. • After that, you’ll be asked to participate in a two-part peer review exercise with a small panel of industry experts. In the first session, the existing dashboard(s) will be reviewed, including a discussion of its audience, purpose, and context. In the second session, the workshop team will present a series of recommendations for discussion. Following the recommendations session, the consultant team will be available to support implementing any agreed upon and desired changes. In the end participants will have a better understanding of data visualizations best practices and will be equipped to become more savvy dashboard producers, consumers, and owners. (Submitted by Ryan Huff)

Data Analytics and Dashboards: Data content and context matter
Where is the data sourced from? How fresh is the data? Is the data a static dataset or updated regularly? If regularly, what frequency? Is it clear what context of data is included in the analysis? Could someone not associated to the creation of a dashboard easily misinterpret the information from what is intended? Are visuals appropriate for the data? Data Storytelling, are we allowing the data to tell a true story about the data? (Submitted by Janet Harrell)

Committee: CDMA
AASHTO Lead: Penelope Weinberger
State DOT Lead: TBD
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