TPM Target Setting Five-Part Webinar Miniseries
Announcing a special five-part webinar miniseries addressing topics in transportation performance management (TPM). Each session includes an FHWA-led introduction followed by expert presentations and audience Q&A. Click here to download the miniseries flyer.
15 July
Slides & Video
Episode 1
TPM & Target Setting Overview
This webinar reviews state target setting approaches and lessons learned leading up to the mid-performance period progress report. Topics covered include target setting in the face of uncertainty and data gaps, coordinating and collaborating on target setting and improving forecasting approaches.

29 July
Slides & Video
Episode 2
Safety Target Setting
This webinar is a deep dive into state target setting approaches for federal requirements for safety performance measures. Topics include a review of the safety report card results, and the impact of external factors and data lags on safety target setting.
5 August
Slides & Video
Episode 3
Highway Infrastructure Target Setting
This webinar focuses on state target setting for federal PM2 infrastructure condition measures. This webinar covers specific target setting issues related to pavements and bridges, including data considerations, collaboration and coordination with partner agencies and aligning TPM projections and agency plan goals.
12 August
Slides and Video
Episode 4
Target Setting for System Performance Measures
This webinar covers transportation agency target setting for federal PM3 system performance and reliability, including policy, planning and performance considerations related to target setting. Presentations address data gaps, modeling and forecasting for system performance targets, and moving the needle on the national system.
26 August
Slides & Video
Episode 5
Traffic Congestion and Emissions Reductions Target Setting
This webinar focuses on transportation agency target setting for federal PM3 CMAQ measures. Presentations address decision analysis methods for setting targets, making CMAQ targets meaningful to the public, and target setting and related planning and programming challenges.