Technical Tour

Technical Tour: Rhode Island DOT Transportation Asset Resilience North Road, located on Jamestown Island, is partially built on a causeway and is susceptible to regular, sunny-day flooding such as King Tides as well as climate change and sea level rise. A box culvert, built nearly 80 years ago, is in poor condition and needs to […]

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Workshop on Updating the AASHTO Digital TAM Guide [invitation only]

The NCHRP Project 08-137 Updates to the Digital Edition of the AASHTO Transportation Asset Management Guide is seeking input on what improvements should be added to the digital version of the current AASHTO TAM Guide. Possibilities include new research, lessons learned, new asset management tools, gaps in practice, new issues in TAM, and additional practice […]

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Data Management Plans

It sounds straightforward enough; A Data Management Plan should describe all aspects of the data lifecycle, guide the collection of data that meets its primary quality objectives, and ensure responsibilities are assigned for data management activities. Easy Peazy! Come and hear an expert discuss her state’s journey from no plan to A PLAN. […]

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