AASHTO CPBM/TPM TSP Joint Quarterly Meeting – Q1 2024

This event occured on 2024-03-07.

The Joint AASHTO CPBM/TPM TSP Quarterly Meeting was held on Thursday, March 7th, 2024, 2:00-4:00 Eastern Time.
The feature topic for this meeting was “Policy in Action.”
Christos Xenophontos from the Rhode Island DOT will kick off this quarterly meeting with a welcome and agenda overview. Then we’ll hear updates from Anna McLaughlin from AASHTO and Mshadoni Smith-Jackson from FHWA. 
Next, Ryan Huff from Nebraska DOT and Lori Fisette from Rhode Island DOT discussed the importance of “Policy in Action.” As part of this presentation, they presented information on various state DOT policy initiatives, pending rulemaking, and provide other AASHTO CPBM Policy and Rulemaking Work Group updates.
Several World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee Leads provided updates on the new PIARC cycle.
The session wrapped up with updates from the following CPBM groups: Joint Subcommittee on System Mobility and Emerging Technology, Research Work Group, Task Force on Emerging Performance Areas, Subcommittee on Organizational Management, Subcommittee on Risk Management, and Subcommittee on Asset Management.

Action Items:

  • Each State DOT should post comments to Federal Register at: https://www.regulations.gov/#!home on the FHWA TPM NPRM by Tues Mar 12. Also share with your MPOs to encourage them to post comments
  • SAVE the DATE: Sept 17-20 in St Louis – Conference on Data Management & Analytics, Planning, and Performance-Based Management
  • Sign up for the AASHTO TPM TSP (Technical Services Program): contact Anna McLaughlin: [email protected]
  • Talk to your research contact to encourage them to vote highly for CPBM 3 NCHRP Research Needs Statements and 1 Synthesis Topic at your state DOT
  • Fill out Research Survey by March 21: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/568WD6P
  • Plan to attend the April 11 and May 23 Research Workshops – contact Anna or Edgardo if you are not invited
  • Take advantage and share resources / training/ webinars developed by the TPM TSP at: TPM Portal (tpm-portal.com) or the TAM Portal (tam-portal.com)
  • Identify others in your agency who can participate in an AASHTO Subcommittee, Workgroup or Task Force– anyone from your organization can participate! Contact Anna McLaughlin: [email protected]


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Agenda - March 7, 2024, CPBM/TPM/TSP Quarterly Meeting
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AASHTO CPBM/TPM TSP Joint Quarterly Meeting – Q1 2024





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