TRB Webinar: Designing and Constructing Concrete with Advancing Technologies

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This TRB webinar presents the latest materials, technologies, designs, and methods for constructing, refining, and rehabilitating pavements. The speakers will discuss how these new innovations can prepare for a future of autonomous and connected vehicles and how agencies may use these technologies to improve their infrastructure under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Webinar agenda:

  1. Design considerations for connected and autonomous vehicles: Eric Ferrebee, American Concrete Pavement Association
  2. Advancing concrete pavement design through instrumented data: Jamie Greene, Florida DOT
    Refinements to thin concrete overlay designs and applications: Julie Vandenbossche, University of Pittsburgh
  3. Rapid rehabilitation of pavements using long-life precast concrete panels: Shiraz Tayabji, Advanced Concrete Pavement Consultancy
  4. Question and answer session: Moderated by Kurt Smith, Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.

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