TRB Webinar: Innovations in Using Vehicle Probe, Connected Vehicles, and Cellular Data

This event occured on 2021-09-27.

This webinar presents several use cases of vehicle probe and cellular global position system (GPS) data. As technology has improved, more agencies are getting access to this data for use in real-time analyses, incident monitoring, and travel demand management. Each use case presented will discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and results of using this data.

The webinar agenda is as follows:

  1. Purpose of synthesis and description of data: Michael Pack, University of Maryland CATT Lab
  2. Use cases from State DOTs: Nikola Ivanov, University of Maryland CATT Lab
  3. Use cases from MPOs: Taran Hutchinson, Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination
  4. Use cases from universities: Michael Pack, University of Maryland CATT Lab
  5. Question and answer session: Moderated by Bob Frey, Massachusetts DOT
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Use of Vehicle Probe and Cellular GPS Data by State Departments of Transportation (NCHRP Synthesis 561)





2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


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