Transportation Performance Measures for Outcome Based System Management and Monitoring


Many of the performance measures that the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) analyzes and reports on are used by individual units or sections but have the potential for broader applications, and others may be useful in tracking progress but do not provide the right type of information necessary to help make decisions. As a whole, these measures do not currently function together to draw a clear picture of how the transportation system is functioning. This research project will build on existing efforts within the agency (e.g. alternative mobility measures research, safety performance measures, and Least Cost Planning/Mosaic) to identify decision making performance measures, outcome based performance measures, and consideration of other strategic planning measures, seeking to identify those indicators most informative, measurable, and consistent.

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Publisher: Oregon DOT
Report number: FHWA-OR-RD-15-03
Year published: 2014

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