An Asset-Management Framework for the Interstate Highway System

An Asset-Management Framework for the Interstate Highway System

This report presents a practical framework for applying asset-management principles and practices to managing Interstate Highway System (IHS) investments. The IHS is a national asset; as a system it serves a very large share of the nation's highway transportation demand, disproportionate to the system's share of the nation's highway mileage. A major challenge in managing this asset lies in developing usable management principles and strategies that can be accepted and applied by the varied government agencies that share responsibility for the IHS. These principles and strategies draw on the growing body of experience in transportation asset management, but are intended to respond to the unique challenge of the IHS. The report describes the scope of the challenge and presents specific asset-management practices that may be adapted to IHS management. This work will be useful to state government officials and others responsible for preparing, administering, and executing management plans for highway networks that include elements on the IHS and other systems of national significance.

Infrastructure Assets: Bridge, Highway Assets, Pavement
Resource Types: Research Report
Capabilities: Data & Information Systems, Tools & Technology
Management Processes: Performance Reporting & Communication, Risk Management
Transportation Research Board

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Project 20-74

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