Guide to Asset Management Part 5: pavement performance

Guide to Asset Management Part 5: pavement performance

This document is designed to assist the practitioner in navigating through the Part 5 sub-parts of the Austroads Guide to Asset Management. It contains a brief overview of the topic without going into detail, as detailed discussion on key issues are offered in other volumes of the Part 5 series. The measurement of pavement performance and its significance is briefly discussed. The section on data management touches on the key aspects of data classification, level of service and information quality levels. The reader may gain a general overview of the key issues of data management, data types and classification. Some guidance is given regarding the consideration of the types of data selected and the frequency of data collection. To underline the general nature of the discussion, the term 'pavement management system' (PMS) was avoided and the generic term 'decision support system' (DSS) was used. The terminology is also useful to keep the topic in context; i.e. a PMS is a specific application of a DSS for one asset class, i.e. the pavement. The overview covers the working of a decision support system and the classification of DSS. The brief discussion of various models assists the reader to orientate in this otherwise complex territory. The section also includes brief definitions of key terminology covering the key components of a DSS, such as triggers, works effects, maintenance standards, etc.

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