2040 Maryland Transportation Plan

2040 Maryland Transportation Plan

The 2040 Maryland Transportation Plan begins with an overview of the state's five regions and transportation trends before addressing the upcoming challenges and needs. To overcome the challenges and surpass the needs, the plan outlines an exhaustive set of performance measures tied to the DOT goals. Finally, the plan describes the implementation plan through numerous objectives, related strategies, and example projects.

LRTP Performance Measures:
  • Fatality and Serious Injury
  • Pavement and Bridge Condition
  • Reliability
  • Delay and Congestion
  • Distance and Time (veh-miles, veh-hrs, travel time)
  • Emissions
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Transit Asset Management
  • Transit Ridership Performance
  • Bicycles and Pedestrians
  • Freight and Intermodal
  • Agency Operations and Jobs
  • Aviation
  • Port and Waterways
  • Multimodality
  • Public Survey

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