Minutes Matter: A Bus Transit Service Reliability Guidebook

Minutes Matter: A Bus Transit Service Reliability Guidebook (TCRP Research Report 215)

Reliability is an increasingly important measure for transit performance as transit must compete with other mobility service providers. In this guide, public transit agencies and and other stakeholders are instructed on the value of measuring reliability and how to address the reliability issues for several different environments. The guide examples focus on fixed-route bus service, as it is the most common mode of transit in the US and globally, but the methodology may be applied to other modes as well. It presents the three key components of reliability: short wait times, on-time arrivals, and consistent travel times. Three perspectives are also addressed in the guide; these are customer, agency, and operator perspectives.

Infrastructure Assets: Transit Assets
Resource Types: Guide/Manual
Management Processes: Performance Based Planning & Programming, Performance Reporting & Communication

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