NCDOT From Policies to Projects 2040 Plan

NCDOT From Policies to Projects 2040 Plan

Developed over two years, the 2040 plan united technical analyses with public outreach to capture the future needs and goals for the state's transportation system. Six goal areas guide the plan; these are the improvement and promotion of economic opportunity, transparency, modal systems, environmental system viability, diversity and mobility, and security of residents and economy. The plan covers the trends in transportation, the funding needs, and revenue alternatives. It ends with a strategic plan and three sets of recommendations to lead North Carolina towards the transportation system it desires. In 2018, work began on the NC 2050 long range plan, and it should be expected for release in late 2020.

LRTP Performance Measures:
  • Fatality and Serious Injury
  • Pavement and Bridge Condition
  • Delay and Congestion
  • Transit Ridership Performance
  • Bicycles and Pedestrians
  • Aviation
  • Port and Waterways

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