Transportation Asset Management Guide

Transportation Asset Management Guide

This Guide will help transportation agency executives or managers to examine, strategically and systematically, how investment decisions affecting transportation infrastructure are made, and to identify areas and priorities for possible improvement through initial and periodic self-assessment and benchmarking. It provides ideas, methods, and examples to accomplish more effective resource allocation and utilization. It does all of this by developing and applying the principles and practices of what is referred to as "transportation asset management." The Guide is structured in nine chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 define transportation asset management, provide background information on past work in the field, and develop a framework for asset management of transportation infrastructure that is appropriate to U.S. departments of transportation. Chapter 3 contains the self-assessment exercise that agencies can apply to identifying areas where asset management improvement may be helpful. Chapter 4 describes how to develop an asset management implementation strategy and plan, based on the results of the self-assessment above. It stresses that the role of the Guide is to help an agency shape its own asset management implementation plan, tailoring and customizing the principles and techniques in the Guide to its particular situation, capabilities, and expectations. Chapters 5 through 8 describe asset management concepts, principles, and techniques that apply to several agency functions in managing transportation infrastructure and decisions in resource allocation and utilization: Policy formulation; Planning and priority programming; Program delivery; and Information and analytic support, including the role of information technology, transportation system performance monitoring and feedback, and communication and reporting. Chapter 9 concludes the Guide with a discussion of implementation issues.

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