Transportation Research Record: Pavement Management 2013 Volume 1

Transportation Research Record: Pavement Management 2013 Volume 1

This issue contains 14 papers concerning pavement management. The papers are categorized into two parts. Part 1 has two papers concerned with sustainable pavements. Specific topics include: assessing greenhouse gas emissions of highway construction projects and incorporating environmental impacts of pavement treatments into a performance-based optimization. Part 2 contains 12 papers on pavement management systems. Specific topics include: the integration of rolling wheel deflectometer deflection measurements into pavement management systems; a Bayesian approach to updating Markov-based models for predicting pavement performance; findings from the international scan on managing pavements and monitoring performance; and evaluating pavement condition of the National Highway System. Additional papers in Part 2 address: managing pavement maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction through network partition; enhancing network-level decision making through the use of a structure capacity index; probabilistic characterization of uncertain inputs in the life-cycle cost analysis of pavements; pavement condition states before and after treatment; an innovative sprinkle treatment for thin durable asphalt overlays; Mississippi’s pavement warranty program; the impact of error in pavement condition data on the output of network-level pavement management systems; and evaluating the pavement structural number with falling weight deflectometer deflections."

Infrastructure Assets: Highway Assets, Pavement
Resource Types: Article
Capabilities: Tools & Technology
Management Processes: Performance Reporting & Communication, Resource Allocation
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