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The TAM Financial Planner tool was developed through NCHRP Project 19-12: Guide for Financial Planning and Management in Support of Transportation Asset Management. The tool provides a suite of data visualization and analysis functions to support users of the guidance developed through the research effort.

The objective of NCHRP Project 19-12 was to produce a guidebook, written for executives, managers, and practitioners at DOTs and other agencies, on issues to consider and procedures that may be used in conducting financial analyses and developing financial plans that support efficient and effective management of the state’s transportation assets while meeting federal and other program requirements. The guidebook addresses fiscal and programmatic constraints associated with federal and state legislation; methodologies for valuing assets and forecasting and allocating financial resources; financial performance measures and targets; and practical concerns related to financial markets and accounting requirements. While DOT asset portfolios are weighted heavily toward highway facilities, the guidance is generally applicable to all public-sector transportation assets. The guidance was validated and refined to ensure it is practical, responsive to the needs and interests of agency officials and other potential users, and likely to be usable by DOTs and other agencies responsible for TAM.

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| Research Report

Asset Management

This report presents guidance for state departments of transportation (DOTs) and other agencies conducting financial analyses and developing financial plans to support efficient and effective management of the agency’s transportation assets.

Publication Date: April 2019

Publisher: TRB

| Guide/Manual

Asset Management, Bridge, Pavement

This document explains how State DOTs can develop financial planning processes to support development of their 10-year transportation asset management plans (TAMPs). The FHWA defines a TAMP financial plan as “a long- term plan spanning 10 years or longer, presenting a State DOT’s estimates of projected available financial resources and predicted expenditures in major asset categories that can be used to achieve State DOT targets for asset condition during the plan period, and highlighting how resources are expected to be allocated based on asset strategies, needs, shortfalls, and agency policies.”1 The TAMP financial plan describes the financial environment in which the agency expects to operate on an annual basis over the full time period covered by the TAMP.

Publication Date: November 2017

Publisher: FHWA