Measures for a Better World: Emerging Performance Measures

December 6, 2022 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Session Description

Transportation agencies are expanding their focus to include bigger picture goals, evolving from a pure operational perspective to considering outcomes representing wider dimensions. This evolution requires measures that more effectively capture the impacts of the system and services delivered by DOTs and other transportation agencies. Exploration of new measures and methods towards emerging areas of interest are progressing to expand the ability to measure the intangible benefits and outputs of transportation investments. This technical session will highlight areas that are generating lots of interest and excitement – equity measures, quality of life frameworks, accessibility analysis tools, and an approach to using complete trips as a metric. Agencies who are leading these explorations will share the progress they have made and session attendees will have an interactive discussion in breakouts on what areas are most promising, what challenges are still a barrier, and how to make faster progress on emerging measures.

Presentation Slides

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Sponsored by Jacobs

Panelists and Speakers

Rich Taylor

Program Manager of Operations Performance Measures and Management, FHWA

Deanna Belden

Deanna Belden

Director of Performance, Risk and Investment Analysis, Minnesota DOT

Philip Schaffner

Director of Statewide Planning, Minnesota DOT

Andrew Owen

Lead Researcher at the Accessibility Observatory, Univerisity of Minnesota

Patrick Cowley

Director of Transportation Performance Management, Utah DOT