TAM Webinar 1

TAM Webinar 1: Asset Management and Safety

The first installment of this webinar series provides an overview of successful State DOT practices in asset management and safety. A summary of the 2011 FHWA Safety and Asset Management Peer Exchange highlights effective strategies for "moving the dial" on safety through an asset management approach. Presentations provide insight into asset management and safety program implementation. Specific cases presented during this webinar include: Oregon DOT's work to build network capacity, Washington State DOT's prioritization of safety related assets, and North Dakota DOT's sign inventory and retroreflectivity program.

Performance Areas:
Infrastructure Assets:
Management Processes:
Monitoring & Adjustment, Performance Based Planning & Programming, Resource Allocation
Agency Functions:
Maintain, Operate
Data & Information Systems, Organization & People, Tools & Technology
Agency Types:
State DOT