TAM Webinar 46

TAM Webinar 46 - Improving Your Next TAMP Miniseries: Overview

This webinar kicked-off the Improving Your Next TAMP Miniseries. The next cycle of TAMP development is around the corner and agencies need to figure out how they will develop their next TAMP. The purpose of the miniseries is to take a deeper dive into this topic of potential TAMP enhancements and help to provide knowledge, inspiration, and capacity to build a better TAMP.

This first installment focused on the findings of a recent set of FHWA TAM case studies. The case study subject—PennDOT—discussed the case study findings, reflecting on the agency’s 2019 TAMP and plans for their next TAMP.

Performance Areas:
Asset Management
Infrastructure Assets:
Highway Assets
Agency Functions:
Deliver, Plan, Policy
Agency Types:
State DOT