TAM Research Workshop

This event occured on 2021-04-22.

Join us on April 22nd for a workshop to identify and prioritize TAM research needs.

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We will review the topics identified during the 2021 TRB Annual Meeting and consider these along with the additional set of topics developed through the 2020 TAM Mega Meeting. The workshop will include opportunities to discuss individual topics – as well as prioritization exercises to generate a set of priority topics for further development and eventual submission to AASHTO R&I in October 2021.

During the workshop, we will demo the new Research Management System (RMS) developed through NCHRP Project 20-123(01) and use the RMS in real-time to facilitate the TAM research development process.

The NCHRP Project 20-123(01) research team will prepare background materials in advance of the workshop and will send these out to you along with a detailed agenda, links to the online RMS, and more. Following the workshop, the team will update the TAM Strategic Action Plan and the RMS based on your input.

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Meeting ID: 844 6739 2420
Passcode: 319102
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2:00 pm - 4:00 pm