TPM Webinar #22: Reflections on Performance Management – Looking Back to Look Forward

This event occured on 2024-05-15.

Transportation Performance Management has undergone significant changes in the past few decades. It has gone from being an approach used by agencies to track their level of service, program, and project delivery at a statewide level to incorporating federally mandated tracking and reporting on infrastructure, safety, and system performance. 
This webinar will be a conversation with current and former leaders of Transportation Performance Management (TPM). Panelists will share their successes, learnings, and war stories about the implementation of TPM. They will also discuss their hopes for the next phase of TPM and performance-based planning, including sustaining performance management and integrating new and emerging performance areas and community-based performance considerations. 
  • Kirk Steudle, Retired, Michigan DOT, former Chair, AASHTO SCOPM (now CPBM)
  • Tim Henkel, Retired, Minnesota DOT, former Chair AASHTO CPBM
  • Christos Xenophontos, Rhode Island DOT, Chair CPBM
  • Jean Wallace, Minnesota DOT, Vice Chair, CPBM
  • Deanna Belden, Minnesota DOT, Co-Chair, Task Force on Emerging Measurement Areas, CPBM
  • William Johnson, Colorado DOT, Co-Chair, Subcommittee on Risk Management, CPBM
Topics will include:
  • The development of state-level performance measures, performance-based planning, and management systems
  • Successes and challenges from the implementation and integration of federal performance management requirements
  • The future of performance management and what’s next
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TPM Webinar #22: Reflections on Performance Management - Looking Back to Look Forward





2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


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