Recommendations for Improving the use of Traffic Incident Management Performance Measures when Comparing Operations Performance Between State DOTs


"The initial premise behind the project was to use available state Departments of Transportation (DOT) data on traffic incident response performance to provide a time series / cross section- sectional analysis of incident response performance, which could be measured based on average, median, or maximum incident response time, total incident duration or incident clearance time. The idea was that a cross-state comparison and examination of changes in performance over time might identify best practices that could be instrumental in reducing incident duration with associated benefits to travelers.
For reasons explained in this research report, the primary emphasis of this project shifted to one of developing specific recommendations that could improve Traffic Incident Management (TIM) performance measurement. While this research did result in a cross-state comparison for some of the participating agencies, the lack of standardization in collection and use of nationally adopted TIM performance measures made it difficult to draw definitive conclusions as to how the agencies are performing with respect to one another. What the research did yield is a set of recommendations that will be useful in enhancing existing agency TIM data collection and reporting efforts and the possible development of a standard approach to TIM performance data collection that will allow future efforts at cross-comparison to yield results that are consistent and more readily comparable."

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Publisher: TRB
Report number: NCHRP 20-24(37)D
Year published: 2011

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