Drowning in Data

December 6, 2022 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Session Description

Data availability is on the rise. You have too much data, but is it the data you need? How do you assess the quantity (too much vs. not enough), character (data that happens as a result of actions vs. Data that is collected, created and curated; relational vs. spatial), control (all that data – how it is attained and managed), and quality (ensuring the data is ready for use and fit for purpose). Would applying the AASHTO seven core data principles help? Know that the data is (or should be) Valuable, Available, Reliable, Authorized, Clear, Efficient, and Accountable.

Sponsored by Deloitte

Panelists and Speakers

Anant Dinamani

Principal, Deloitte

Suvani Gautam

Enterprise Application Manager, Nevada DOT

Denise Whitney-Dahlke

Strategic Data Program Manager, Oregon DOT

Matt Modarelli

Chief Information Officer, Washington State DOT