Mobile Workshops

December 7, 2022 from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Session Description

Mobile Workshop: Biking Infrastructure in Providence
Join us for a 17.5 mile pedal-assist SPIN e-Bike tour of Providence bicycle infrastructure, we will see all manner of bike lanes, bike boxes, 2-stage bike left turn boxes, historic architecture, important parks, and hear about the good (and some not so good) history of transportation decision-making in Providence, as we learn of the multi-agency, non-profit, and commercial stakeholder’s collaboration for bicycle network creation amidst concerns for climate change and resiliency.

Sponsored by Autodesk and SPIN

Mobile Workshop: Walking Infrastructure in Providence
Join your colleagues for a walking tour of downtown Providence, RI. Explore this vibrant city and see for yourself the infrastructure improvements that have turned the city into a desired destination for businesses, residents, and visitors. Your tour will include the Rhode Island State House, the Providence River trail, and the Providence Pedestrian Bridge connecting Providence’s East Side to the Innovation District and the Wexford Innovation Center.

Sponsored by Spy Pond Partners