Safe System Approach in the Decision-Making Process

December 6, 2022 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Session Description

The safe system approach is a holistic and comprehensive approach that provides a guiding framework to make places safer for people. This is a shift from a conventional safety approach because it focuses on both human mistakes AND human vulnerability, and designs a system with many redundancies in place to protect everyone. Addressing the safe system approach begins with the planning process and the data to understand where vulnerabilities exist and the transportation infrastructure needs to be redesigned be it long-range planning, programming funds, or project planning. This session will be an opportunity to better understand the safe system approach, ongoing projects that will support practitioners with needed tools and resources, and what state DOTs are doing to implement it.

Presentation Slides

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Panelists and Speakers

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Kelly Hardy

Senior Engineering Program Manager for Safety, AASHTO

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Chimai Ngo

Program Manager in Office of Safety, FHWA

Spencer Stevens

Team Leader for Planning Capacity Building, FHWA

Jean Wallace

Interim Deputy Commissioner & Chief Engineer, Minnesota DOT

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Karen Miller

Organizational Performance Specialist, Missouri DOT

Kristina Swallow

Director, Nevada DOT

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Steven Pristawa

State Traffic Safety Engineer, Rhode Island DOT

Ian Hamilton

Transportation Planner, VHB