Analytical Tools for Asset Management

Analytical Tools for Asset Management

This report presents two tools developed to support tradeoff analysis for transportation asset management. These software tools and the accompanying documentation are intended for state departments of transportation (DOTs) and other transportation agencies to help them improve their ability to identify, evaluate, and recommend investment decisions for managing the agency's infrastructure assets. A gap analysis conducted in the first phase of the study revealed that many existing asset management systems are not being used to their full potential. A need was identified for tools that could be integrated with existing systems to improve an agency's ability to analyze and predict the impacts of investments at the network and program levels on overall system performance. This report and software will be very useful tools for analysts and decision-makers in three major functional areas within state DOTs: (1) policy, planning, and program development; (2) engineering (construction, maintenance, and operations); and (3) budget and finance.

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NCHRP Report 545

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