TAM: The Past, Present, and Future Walked Into a Bar… It Was Tense

December 7, 2022 from 9:30 am to 10:00 am

Session Description

With the current pace of change in the industry, adaptability appears to be the way forward. Join the discussion with this panel of experts as they share their ideas for applying asset management concepts to manage non-physical assets, addressing changing investment priorities (e.g., equity, sustainability, resilience), connecting asset management with performance management, and enhancing agency performance (e.g., safety, mobility, on-time delivery).


Zoom recordings capture presentation slides and the speaker moving through them. Supplementary iOS recordings capture an audience perspective mainly for panel discussions, question and answer segments, and interactive fishbowl exercises.

Sponsored by Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.

Panelists and Speakers

Katie Zimmerman

President, Applied Pavement Technologies

Michael Johnson

State Asset Management Engineer, Caltrans

Louis Feagans

Managing Director of Asset Management, Indiana DOT

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Matt Haubrich

Transportation Asset Management Administrator, Iowa DOT

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Mshadoni Smith-Jackson

Chief of Analysis Division, USDOT-FTA