Matt Haubrich

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Matt Haubrich

Transportation Asset Management Administrator, Iowa DOT


Matt Haubrich is the Transportation Asset Management Administrator at the Iowa Department of Transportation. Matt currently serves as the Chair of the AASHTO Subcommittee on Asset Management, and is a member of FHWA’s TAM Expert Task Group (ETG). He is a past member of the TRB Asset Management Committee (AJE30) and is a current member of the Transportation Visualization Committee (AED80). Matt has been involved in numerous national conference planning committees and NCHRP panels, and is the US representative to the PIARC Technical Committee on Asset Management. Matt’s BS degree major was Statistics, and he has earned master’s degrees in both Business Administration and Business Analytics. He has been with the Iowa DOT since 2010. Matt grew up on a small produce farm, as a kid he helped plant, weed, prune, and pick uncounted tons of peppers, tomatoes, beans, peas, and over a hundred other crops. His childhood cured him of any desire to work in the dirt or keep farmer’s hours, although he’ll gladly volunteer to drive the tractor.