Kerri Woehler

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Kerri Woehler

Multimodal Planning Division Director, Washington State DOT


Kerri Woehler leads Washington State Department of Transportation’s Multimodal Planning Division, reporting to the Assistant Secretary for Multimodal Development and Delivery. As division director, Kerri is responsible for oversight of the State Planning and Research (SPR) federal funding and leads a variety of activities including statewide and regional transportation planning, the Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Planning Program, and essential crash, roadway and usage data about the transportation system. Kerri has prior experience working in several WSDOT organizations, including the Rail Division, Northwest Region, and the Aviation Division. She also has experience working directly for local government at one of the Metropolitan Planning Organizations in the state. She graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, and earned a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University.