Workshop on Updating the AASHTO Digital TAM Guide [invitation only]

The NCHRP Project 08-137 Updates to the Digital Edition of the AASHTO Transportation Asset Management Guide is seeking input on what improvements should be added to the digital version of the current AASHTO TAM Guide. Possibilities include new research, lessons learned, new asset management tools, gaps in practice, new issues in TAM, and additional practice […]

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Data Management Plans

It sounds straightforward enough; A Data Management Plan should describe all aspects of the data lifecycle, guide the collection of data that meets its primary quality objectives, and ensure responsibilities are assigned for data management activities. Easy Peazy! Come and hear an expert discuss her state’s journey from no plan to A PLAN. […]

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Joint Subcommittee on Data Standards – What’s going on?

A Joint Subcommittee on Data Standardization was established by AASHTO’s Strategic Management Committee in February 2020 to ensure coordination among interested groups within AASHTO and to promote the adoption of standardized data schemas – including helping to coordinate schema development, identify gaps, resolve conflicts, and avoid duplication of effort. Join this session to learn more […]

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Linking your TAMPs and RIPs

Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act State DOTs are required to consider extreme weather and resilience in their TAMP development processes and analyses. IIJA also provides an incentive for State DOTs to develop Resilience Improvement Plans (RIP) as part of the new PROTECT program. This session will explore how one agency plans to link […]

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On-Site Workshops

On-Site Workshop: Making Targets Matter: Managing Performance to Enhance Decision-Making NEWPORT/WASHINGTON Making Targets Matter is a guide for transportation practitioners on how to make performance management a more meaningful activity at their agencies. The research focuses on breathing new life into performance management by gathering and using feedback for performance assessment and decision-making. The guide’s […]

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