Welcome and Opening Remarks / Using Data Science to Plan Your Projects and Evaluate Your Programs

December 6, 2022 from 8:30 am to 10:00 am

Session Description

Welcome to Rhode Island and the 2022 AASHTO Conference on Performance-Based Management, Planning, and Data! The theme of the AASHTO 2022 Conference on Performance-Based Management, Planning, and Data is Connecting the DOTs for an Adaptable, Agile, and Equitable Future. State DOTs must address a myriad of goals focused on safety, asset condition, operations, resilience, and equity among others, and plan for a future that is far from certain. There are also expectations that data will provide a wealth of information to better inform and support the decision-making process. This opening session will set the stage for the conference with a discussion among state DOT leadership on how their organizations are adapting their programs to be more agile for an uncertain future and equitable for all users of the transportation system.

Presentation Slides


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Panelists and Speakers

Ryan Huff

Chief Strategy Officer, Nebraska DOT

Kristina Swallow

Director, Nevada DOT

Denise Whitney-Dahlke

Strategic Data Program Manager, Oregon DOT

Christos Xenophontos

Assistant Director, Rhode Island DOT