2023 AASHTO CPBM Peer Exchange (By Invitation Only)

This event occured on 2023-09-11.

The 2023 American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Committee on Performance-Based Management (CPBM) Peer Exchange will focus on how transportation agencies are implementing and sustaining performance management in their agencies in light of federal Transportation Performance Management (TPM) requirements. Agencies will share how they are coordinating with both internal and external stakeholders for target establishment, improving biennial federal reporting, and better integrating transportation performance management and asset management within their agencies. 


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Peer Exchange Purpose: 

  • Advance the state of the performance management practice, including sharing lessons learned about Federal PMF Reporting, internally coordinating for performance management, and aligning performance management and asset management
  • Discuss the ingredients for implementing and sustaining good TPM practices
  • Gain knowledge of the resources that are available to support TPM monitoring, advancing, and building capacity related to consistency determination
  • Share the experience of recent TPM implementation, including the best examples of how agencies are advancing national goals and agency targets through performance-based planning and programming
  • Discuss what the next generation of performance management will look like at state DOTs and MPOs and prioritize future initiatives for FHWA, AASHTO, and TRB
The peer exchange is organized around the following core activities:
  • Share the critical elements of performance management, including the best examples of people, processes, tools, and other resources
  • Learn from FHWA and other agencies about resources and tools for federal TPM reporting
  • Discuss the ingredients for good performance management practices
  • Develop a vision of what the future will look like for performance management and related activities within state DOTs
  • Prioritize initiatives for future activities for FHWA, AASHTO, and TRB to undertake


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Colorado DOT Auditorium
2829 Howard Pl. Denver, Colorado